Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance Training

“Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings.” Diane Garnick

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Finance and AccountingInternal AuditingEnglish
Finance and AccountingInternational Financial Reporting StandardsEnglish
Finance and AccountingPublic Sector (Government) Financial ManagementEnglish
Finance and AccountingPublic Sector BudgetingEnglish
Finance and AccountingPublic Sector AccountingEnglish
Finance and AccountingInternational Auditing StandardsEnglish
Finance and AccountingCredit Risk AnalysisEnglish
Finance and AccountingForensic Accounting and AuditingEnglish
Finance and AccountingFinancial FraudEnglish
Finance and AccountingAdvanced Business Planning & BudgetingEnglish
Finance and AccountingInvestment Appraisal.English
Finance and AccountingPrinciples of Investment.English
Finance and AccountingBudgeting and Financial PlanningEnglish
Finance and AccountingWorking Capital ManagementEnglish
Finance and AccountingCorporate FinanceEnglish
Finance and AccountingInternational Accounting StandardsEnglish
Finance and AccountingFinancial Accounting.English
Finance and AccountingCost Accounting.English
Finance and AccountingAccounting Information Systems.English
Finance and AccountingFinancial Management.English
Finance and AccountingAuditing.English
Finance and AccountingEDP Auditing.English
Finance and AccountingAuditing bank operationsEnglish
Finance and AccountingInternal Auditing.English
Finance and AccountingInternal Control.English
Finance and AccountingFinancial AnalysisEnglish
Finance and AccountingBanks Financial ManagementEnglish
Finance and AccountingAsset-liability ManagementEnglish
Finance and AccountingMedia Training for Financial Service ProfessionalsEnglish
Finance and AccountingLearn to Create your Personal Financial PlanEnglish
Finance and AccountingStock Market Investing StrategiesEnglish
Finance and AccountingPersonal Finance Strategies for BeginnersEnglish
Finance and AccountingGCMS Trading DiplomaEnglish
Finance and AccountingAdvanced excel functions to analyze large dataEnglish
Finance and AccountingA Layman's Guide To The U.S. EconomyEnglish
Finance and AccountingFinancial Proficiency for Young AdultsEnglish