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Human Resouces Management Training

“Great Vision Without Great People Is Irrelevant.” ~ Jim Collins

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Human ResourceHuman Resources ManagementEnglish
Human ResourceEssential Interviewing SkillsEnglish
Human ResourceCompetency-based RecruitmentEnglish
Human ResourceStrategies for Recruitment and SelectionEnglish
Human ResourceDeveloping an Employee Engagement StrategyEnglish
Human ResourceMeasuring, Managing and Maintaining Employee EngagementEnglish
Human ResourceWorkforce PlanningEnglish
Human ResourceSupporting Organizational ChangeEnglish
Human ResourceEffective HR Policies and ProceduresEnglish
Human ResourceSpeaking Skills: Teachers/Educators Can Lecture EffectivelyEnglish
Human ResourceCollege Interviews: Learn to Confidently Talk About YourselfEnglish
Human ResourceTest Your Personality Using The DISC Assessment ToolEnglish